Designers Special Qualities

Just like professionals in various other fields, an interior designer also needs to acquire certain skill sets to become successful at work. I have been attached deeply to the design industry for almost three decades. During this long journey, I have had exposure to almost all aspects of this industry. My wealth of experience has taught me to do things in a way that stands out from other designing services.

Best Kept Secret -Peter G Wrabel
Peter G Wrabel – Best Kept Secret –
Effective advertisement and marketing are now considered to be two of the most important factors in a successful business. Many of you would be surprised to hear that I am not really the most well advertised designer. In fact, I prefer being the best kept secret in the Chagrin Falls’ market. I have a unique and simple business model where I still rely a lot on the age-old policy of word-of-mouth advertising. I do not believe in spending huge amounts on marketing. Instead, I develop a very personal relationship with all of my customers. I sincerely believe that there is no better advertisement for a company than a happy customer and this where my service is unique. A large percentage of my projects are referrals from people that have already used my service with great satisfaction.

Interior designing is a direct reflection of someone’s personality, mood, and style. Since every person is different, it is important for a designer to be able to come up with customized designs working in tandem with the client. Subsequently for many years, Peter Wrabel Designs has been the most preferred interior designer Chagrin Falls for people that desire a personal relationship with their designer and seek individual attention from them in their project. My strong connection with all my clients helps me understand their aspirations and fulfill them each time. My customers and references will support my representations, and you will be very satisfied with your final selections.


As an experienced interior designer in Chagrin Falls, I have had the opportunity to work in the retail furniture sector with an excellent track record. Having spent almost thirty years in this interior design industry, I have a thorough understanding of all the furniture genres via classic, contemporary, antique and traditional.

Classic is a word that refers to things that never go out of style. Similarly, classic furniture is a style that has done well to satisfy us over the years. Traditional furniture is formal in nature, and may date back to the Victorian period. Some examples include the Queen Anne period, Chippendale style, and Sheraton style. Antique furniture comprises of pieces that are from an earlier period. Contemporary designing of furniture is extremely popular and refers to design trends that are being used at present. Some other furniture styles include modern, retro, rustic, art deco, etc.

I feel that all of the furniture styles provide an opportunity to present a pallet of coordinated styles to the client. By creating properly coordinated styles, it is possible to offer an electric presentation that satisfies their requirements and creates a space that is comfortable and exceptional to all that view the final product. Therefore, a furniture designer should never remain confined to a certain designing style. However, striking proper coordination between these diverse styles is not easy and best achieved by a qualified interior designer master.

Many of my customers consider my work to be second to none other because I of what I can create with furniture designs that represent more than just one style. It has also been my foremost priority to offer the highest quality of workmanship to my clients.

The evolution of furniture since the ancient times is a fascinating tale of changing social, political, economic, and technological circumstances. Over a period of time, certain furniture designers have been able to gain recognition because of their skill and workmanship. My aspiration is to find a place for myself such as that with my Chagrin Falls customers as their top interior designer.

Color & Fabrics

An interior design project comes together only when the right color and fabric are chosen. It is a well documented fact that different colors have a strong impact on the human psyche. However, people often find it difficult to figure out which color will complement their design in the best possible way. It is almost impossible to deliver a touch of elegance and luxury unless the colors used are in accordance with the home. Apart from its psychological impact, colors also have an influence on the perception of a room’s size. These practical aspects while choosing the colors should be weighed. A skilled interior designer must be able to consider all of these factors all while delivering the client’s dream design.

Fabric selection is another important aspect of designing because it sets the mood for any living space with its texture, pattern, and color. The texture of the fabric can be used creatively to enhance a property’s overall feel. An interior designer should opt for fabric colors depending on the emotional response they are looking to achieve. Fabrics are available in many patterns including traditional, contemporary, abstract, geometric, and many more. A successful designer is the one that can work together with the client to opt for the fabric with the most applicable texture, color and pattern.

I have been blessed with the instinctive ability to coordinate the paint, paper, and fabric selections so that the completed effort is a representation of the customer’s desires, as well as the designer’s talents. Often times, clients have a difficult time making these selections. However, I believe that this is the time for a designer to show his/her magic. A designer with proper understanding of color and fabrics will excel and present to the customer a completed package that exceed their expectations and totally satisfy their design requirements. As an interior designer in Chagrin Falls, this is exactly what I have been doing for almost thirty years, and I look forward to delivering the same quality of service in the days to come.

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